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Phase 1 Brainspotting 3-5 November 2023 ONLINE

Price range and training cost:

  • Early bird €520 – until 15th September 2023
  • Regular €550 – until 15th October 2023
  • Late €560 – after 15th October 2023

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Phase 1 Brainspotting 3-5 November 2023 ONLINE

Brainspotting provides you with powerful tools that enable your clients to process memories of traumatic experiences quickly and effectively.

Training Outline:

Through presentations, lectures, live demonstrations, and practicums, you will gain an understanding of the theory and principles of Brainspotting and learn how to utilize “Inside Window”, “Outside Window” and “Gazespotting” strategies for identifying brainspots. You will explore how to apply the Resource Model in working with more vulnerable, complex, and highly dissociative clients.

DAY 1 (9:00 – 18:00 GMT):
– A Story about Brainspotting
Outside Window Brainspotting – Discussion, Demo and Debrief
– Outside Window Brainspotting Practicum
– Neurobiology and Brainspotting

DAY 2 (9:00 – 18:00 GMT):
– Reflection and discussion
– Inside Window Brainspotting – Discussion, Demo and Debrief
– Inside Window Brainspotting Practicum
– Gazespotting – Discussion, Demo and Debrief
– Gazespotting – Practicum
– Q&A

DAY 3 (9:00 – 17:00 GMT):
– Resource Model Brainspotting
– Resource Model Brainspotting – Discussion, Demo and Debrief
– Resource Model Brainspotting Practicum
– Review and Summary Q&A

The training will be led by Monika Gos, a Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist and an international Brainspotting trainer.

Includes post-training 1 hr group supervision.

This training is fully credited towards certification.