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Professional training
By sending this Booking Form, I understand that this is a professional training and not a personal therapy course. Should any issues arise from the training that needs further support, I understand that this is not the responsibility of the training organisation or of the trainer, neither of which can be held responsible.

Training in Brainspotting therapy does not entitle the trainee to practice beyond previously acquired professional qualifications and accreditation. Brainspotting training is a training in psychotherapy modality, but it is not a course about trauma and its treatment.

To receive a certificate of completion, full participation in the training is required. If for some reason the participant is not able to take part in one of the practicums, it is possible to make up for it after the training with an assistant for an extra charge. 

Cancellation policy
If cancellation notice is given two calendar months or more prior to the training start, the individual is entitled to a 50% refund of the full amount paid. We do not offer refunds for cancellations made less than two months from the start date of the training. Participation in the training can be transferred to a different date once. If the participant does not use the new, scheduled training date, Brainspotting Ireland is entitled to refuse another transfer. The 50% refund does not apply to training transfer. 

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