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Brainspotting Ireland Trainings

Brainspotting Ireland trains psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, addiction treatment specialists and other mental health professionals.

Thanks to its lightness and flexibility due to the lack of rules and protocols, Brainspotting can be easily integrated and combined with other therapeutic methods, becoming their useful complement. In addition, Brainspotting frees the therapist from limitations and often burdensome responsibility for choosing the direction of the therapy process.

Brainspotting Training

During the training and after its completion, Brainspotting Practitioners will use Brainspotting techniques within the existing scope of practice, experience and expertise.

The Brainspotting training is not a trauma therapy training, nor is it a training in the basics of psychotherapy. The condition for joining the training is having a current membership and registration in a professional registration body.

Brainspotting Ireland upcoming webinar and training dates:

Phase 1 Brainspotting
22-24 March 2024 ONLINE
€550.00 (Regular until February 29th 2024)